Friends of the School

Whether you have had a child at the Duke of York's Royal Military School for some time, or you are a 'new parent', you are automatically a member of the Friends of the Duke of York's Royal Military School.  

Who are the Friends of the School?
All parents/guardians of pupils at the School are automatically members of the Friends of the School. Others who support the ethos of the School (including grandparents and former pupils) are most welcome to get involved. The purpose of the Friends is to:
● Foster a close relationship between parents and the School.
● Bring parents together in a social atmosphere.
● Raise funds for the benefit of the children.
● Raise awareness of and promote the School as a centre of excellence.
What do we do?
Throughout the year we get involved in a number of events and fund raising initiatives  including:
● The organisation and funding of the bowling trip for the new Year 7 and Year 8 pupils over the first exeat weekend of the Autumn Term when they are still settling into their new environment and are encouraged not to go home.
● Sponsorship of cultural activities e.g. The Musician of the Year competition and the Inter-house singing competition.
● Financial contributions towards social events; Dinner nights for the Sixth form, Reward schemes and the procurement of equipment for extra-curricular activities.
● Support on Grand Day which includes running the Friends' marquee, the raffle and providing guests with refreshments at this and other events throughout the School year.
The emphasis is on raising funds and using these funds to enhance the quality of life at the School for the pupils.

How can I help?
We would welcome more parents/guardians to get involved in our activities. Such involvement can range from serving on our Committee to simply offering to sell raffle tickets for an hour at a fund-raising event. Offers to help with the Grand Day activities would be particularly welcome, as would prizes for the Grand Day raffle.
If you would like to step forward to help, please e-mail us at  Alternatively, why not come along to one of our meetings? These are held periodically at the School and the dates/times are published in the School's calendar. We try to choose dates on which many parents/guardians are likely to be at the School for the start or end of exeat weekends.  It is appreciated that some parents/guardians may have difficulty in committing on a regular basis, however, it is hoped that all will give serious thought to supporting the Friends through membership of our Number Club Lottery (see below).

What is the Number Club Lottery?
Our main source of income is our Lottery. We ask you to consider making out a monthly standing order of at least £1. Each £1 buys one lottery ticket. 50% of the income generated by the standing orders each month is retained by the Friends and the other 50% is paid as prize money to the owners of the three winning lottery tickets that are drawn. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are respectively 25%, 15% and 10% of the total monthly income generated by the standing orders.  Numbers can only be bought by standing order (which can obviously be cancelled at any time). If you would like to join the Number Club Lottery, please complete the attached application form and post it to our Treasurer, Samantha Bryant, at DOYRMS.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Nigel Bryant
Chairman of the Friends of the School