Pastoral Support

Boarding lies at the heart of the school and we are committed to creating a home away from home, a comfortable environment and a friendly close-knit community.

Our pastoral team comprises the following:

  • Vice Principal (Boarding, Health and Welfare) – Mrs Alison Kehaya
  • Behaviour Management - Mr Steff Dowle
  • Inclusion Co-ordinator - Mr David Wozencroft
  • Housemasters & Housemistresses
  • Deputy Housemasters & Housemistresses
  • Pastoral Leaders (Matrons)
  • Tutors

Parents can have piece of mind knowing that house staff, know and understand their students well. Students quickly feel a sense of belonging, they mature and develop in a nurturing enviroment, rise to new challenges and are able to confidently embrace every opportunity in a safe and secure enviroment.

Our pastoral staff are trained to the highest standard to ensure that students have the best physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during their time at school…

Alison Kehaya

House life is caring, encouraging and safe but it is also fun and exciting. Houses compete in music, sports, assemblies and charity events. All Houses have day rooms, kitchen areas and leisure facilities. Students are encouraged to make these areas their own, with personal touches such as family photos and posters. Communal areas are bright and cheerful, with comfy sofas, large televisions and an range of other recreational facilities. There are cosy quiet corners for a peaceful read, and larger spaces for shared activities and fun with friends. DOYRMS has 12 boarding houses that have been named after famous military figures from the Army, Navy and RAF. 


Every child is encouraged to find and develop their strengths, be it in the classroom, on the sports field, in the music room or in the Boarding House. They learn about leadership and loyalty, tolerance and healthy competition, and they understand that they have to work hard and be fully committed to achieving their personal goals. Our pupils leave here as well-rounded individuals, ready to tackle life head-on.

Boarding house staff demonstrate an excellent understanding of the unique personalities and needs of the boarders in their house.


Boarders speak very positively about the health and welfare provision, which is complemented by two qualified counsellors. One boarder said, ‘We didn’t have the counsellors when I first came here, but a lot of us now use them.’ This aspect of the provision includes focused nurture groups, for example for new boarders who are homesick. 


Pastoral leaders receive a comprehensive training and development programme, which equips them with the skills and knowledge that they need.

Ofsted 2017