Sport at The Duke of York’s Royal Military School is an integral part of the students' lives and plays an important role in their personal growth and development as well as the formation of their character.

Participation in sport is not only about developing physical skills and improving general fitness, but building confidence, resilience and mental toughness. Students gain a real sense of achievement, extend their leadership skills and are taught the importance of teamwork and discipline through the structured sports. All of these are vital life skills that are easily transferable into many other aspects of life. Excellence is pursued wholeheartedly at the School, but the aim is also to cater for every pupil, at his or her own level of ability and encourage enthusiasm and most importantly enjoyment. The main objective of the Sports and Games Department is to instil a life-long love for sport and the values it embodies.


As well as our major sports of rugby, hockey, cross-country, cricket, athletics and tennis for the boys and hockey, netball, cross-country, athletics and tennis for the girls, we run a thriving sports options programme with over 15 other sporting disciplines on offer over the year. This allows students to train, learn and participate in a multitude of other sports and, where possible, to represent the school.


We are fortunate that we play our sport in beautiful surroundings, and in recent years, the School has invested significantly in the sports facilities. These include eight rugby pitches, an AstroTurf hockey pitch, four cricket squares, seven tennis courts, an athletics track, a cross country course and two football pitches. Our indoor facilities include a newly built sports hall, gym, climbing wall, a newly equipped fitness suite and weight room, heated indoor swimming pool, four squash courts and a sports pavilion.


The School has also developed and invested in some top coaches across the range of sports, many of whom have played at the very top level. Through this and the continued dedication of the students, the school has generated some good results and is continually striving to improve its sport further. All we ask is for all our students to be ambitious, get involved and pursue excellence.

The future of Dukies’ sport is very bright.

Shane Cloete
Director of Sport, Clubs and Activities
Team Rugby (boys) Team Hockey (boys) Team Athletics
Team Hockey (girls) Team Netball (girls) Team Cricket (boys)
Badminton Team Cross Country Team Tennis (girls)
Basketball Climbing Badminton Basketball Team Tennis (Snr. boys) Basketball
Conditioning / Fitness Climbing Climbing
Cross Country / Triathlon Conditioning / Fitness Triathlon
Race For Life (girls) Race For Life (girls) Race For Life (girls)
Squash Squash Squash
Swimming Swimming Swimming