Support Us and Alumni


The Duke of York’s Royal Military School’s vision is creating a place where our values lead to ensuring we provide “an all-round education, with an academic focus”. As we look forward with confidence in providing the highest quality of teaching to ensure students’ learning is at the heart of everything we do, we also look back with pride on the many extra-curricular opportunities our students’ experience.

These opportunities really are a strength of the School. They enable students to grow in confidence, develop resilience and acquire the leadership skills that are necessary to thrive in the competitive world in which we find ourselves. The generous donation of time, energy and fundraising have contributed enormously to this.

As we invest in our students now, we invest in what will be doing in years from now. Through our donators’ dedication, our students can take advantage of what is on offer both inside and outside that classroom where they are supported to challenge and push themselves. When most students feel something is too hard, they might say “I can’t do that…” Dukies rephrase it and say “I can’t do that… yet!”

Through the generous donations given to the school, many projects, trips, experiences and even access to specialist equipment have been made possible. Some of the most rewarding impact has been that of the bursaries, which have allowed students to stay with us and remain on this journey. We would love to see this stretch further so more students can continue the experience of doing things they cannot do… yet, whilst we all invest in the future.

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