The Dukies’ Foundation

The Dukies’ Foundation was established in 2008 by the amalgamation of 9 separate Regimental Trusts whose original purposes were to assist in the wellbeing of the ‘children’ of the Regiment, whilst attending the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.  Originally known as the Amenities and Education Trust, the fund was renamed in 2013 and is managed by a group of Trustees, including our Chair of Governors, Mrs Georgina Martin.


The Dukies’ Foundation is the trust fund that will reflect any monies raised by stakeholders of the school (past pupils, parents, friends and staff).  The fund has a committee that meets quarterly to determine how funds are spent. 


A continual 66% of the fund is invested for growth, while the remainder is an operational fund supporting student bursaries, student scholarships, investment in additional resources and capital projects.  The Dukies’ Foundation meets formally in School four times a year, usually September, December, March and June and because it is a charitable trust, tax can be reclaimed on donations through the government’s Gift Aid Scheme.



Chris Crowcroft, Chairman

Ros McCarthy

Andy Barlow

Andrew Nunn

Alex Foreman

Leyland Ridings

Geoff Soar

Georgina Martin


With kind support from:

Adam Kent

Katie Avery


The TDF was formed, in its current guise, when it subsumed a number of long-established charities which had helped Dukies for many years. Our charitable document, detailing its specific Objects enables the Trustees of TDF to use its funds quite flexibly to assist students and their education by providing grants for diverse purposes, including provision of equipment, facilities and financial assistance.


Trustees meet quarterly, together with the School, to review grant applications and also to stay in touch with the School’s plans so that we can consider major initiatives for either direct funding, or on occasion, underwrite projects seeking grant-matching.


Looking back (over just the last four years) it was marvellous to see that TDF has been in a position to provide some £550K to support an eclectic range of activities and endeavours. These include (and by no means exhaustively) major contributions towards bursaries/individual pupil assistance, leadership activities such as adventurous training, the Nye Theatre seating, floodlighting, sports and music equipment, music scholarships, travel to the Himalayas, Australia & the USA – etc…! 

Our aim is not to ‘squirrel-away’ the funds available, but to distribute regularly for the purposes originally given.  Whilst we do receive some investment income, we of course need to keep the funds ‘topped-up’ - and so we continue to promote and welcome fundraising initiatives.


Andy Barlow (OBA & TDA) is a long-standing Trustee of TDF and I am particularly pleased that the Vice Chairman of the TDA Panel, Chris Crowcroft, has also very kindly agreed join us.  The Foundation has been glad to be able to back the TDA’s alumni development plans by sponsoring the post of Alumni and Development Officer.  The Foundation is especially grateful to Alumni for the role they are playing through their matching goals of sponsoring leadership activities and student support, through the TDA’s ‘Clocktower Society’.


Using TDF to receive and distribute donations enables us to add 25% in Gift Aid tax receipts to those contributions already made by TDA Members.  Trustees of The Dukies’ Foundation are all extremely grateful for the part so many members of the TDA, and other friends, are playing. I look forward to meeting more of you at the various events around the School!

These links will allow us to work together to strengthen and extend our assistance for students.  Our purpose is about broadening access for many and helping current and future Dukies to make the most of their education for life, by enhancing the wonderful opportunities at our School.

Alan Jones, Former Chairman of TDF