Thinking Schools

A Thinking School is a school that puts the teaching of thinking at the heart of learning.

TSI (Thinking Schools International)

As an aspiring Thinking School, the main aim of the School is to develop a learning community with a clear focus on high expectations for improvement and excellence in teaching and learning through stimulating thinking and questioning. This requires a whole school commitment to consistent use of a common language to support the development of transferable thinking skills for students.

This is supported by the Thinking School model, a whole school approach based on implementing, embedding and sustaining thinking tools that encourage and support students to develop as independent learners.

A Thinking School is:

A learning community in which all members share a common language; where thinking strategies and tools are used across the curriculum and teachers and students have sound understanding of metacognition; where all students are developing and demonstrating independent and cooperative learning skills; where the school generates  high levels of achievement and an excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

Professor Burden – Exeter University

The criteria for a Thinking School:

Thinking Tools Implemented at DYRMS (Jan 2014-present):

Thinking Maps – visual toolkit for organising critical thought processes

Habits of Mind – dispositions that support intellectual behaviours

Thinkers’ Keys – selection of questions that encourage creativity and innovative thought

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