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Divided Into Ten Houses

The School is divided into ten Houses, the Duke of York's Royal Military School starts with two Junior Houses for Years 7 and 8: Haig for boys and Alanbrooke for girls. In Year 9 girls enter one of three Senior Houses - Marlborough, Clive or Wolfe - and boys enter Kitchener, Wellington, Roberts or Wolseley. Centenary House is home to Year 13s. The pupils in each House have the help and support of their own Housemaster or Housemistress, Matrons and a Housekeeper, hand-picked for their integrity and good sense.

Distinct Ethos and Atmosphere

Every House has its own distinct ethos and atmosphere. Kitchener boys, for example, have adopted a mentoring system with a ‘Gentlemen’ theme whereby raised voices are a no-no and they learn to talk and listen to each other. Competition between Houses is robust and a lot of fun, from the annual singing contest known as ‘the Shout’ to sports and drill. Pupils love to get involved - and preferably to win!

Pupils also take on ‘jobs’ giving them responsibility towards cleanliness, ensuring punctuality, organising social activities and helping House staff or Matrons. Housemasters and Housemistresses incentivise these duties, with rewards such as Housepoints or chocolates for the tidiest child or the best improvement.