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The Duke of York's Royal Military School

A co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18


Curriculum Overview

At The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, we offer a broad, balanced, and stimulating curriculum, designed to foster a life-long love of learning. We strive to ensure that students have the correct balance of challenge and support, enabling them to reach their individual academic potential while responding to our vibrant and diverse curriculum in a resilient and confident manner.

We operate a three-year, Key Stage 3 curriculum, where the well-rounded breadth of subjects develops students academically, physically and socially. It is here that students will build upon their knowledge and understanding of subjects from Key Stage 2, while also encountering a range of new and exciting skills.  English, Maths and Science lessons are taught alongside: History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Drama, Dance, and Physical Education. Additionally, students will study a Language; either French or Spanish. To further support students’ holistic development, they will also study PSHEE. Throughout the course of Year 9, students are guided through the options process, where they will select the subjects that they wish to study for GCSE.  

Year 10 and 11 are extremely important, with GCSE study laying the foundation for future education and employment. As students enter Year 10, they embark upon bespoke curriculums, studying a range of core and optional subjects. All students will study: English, English Literature, Maths and, either, Combined or Triple Science. In addition, students will choose four option subjects from the following: Art, Business Studies, Computing, Dance, Drama, French, Geography, History, Media Studies, Music, Photography, PE, RS, Resistant Materials, Spanish and Textiles. To support their continued physical and social development, students will also receive core PE and PSHEE lessons.

As further enrichment to their learning, and to develop independent enquiry skills, all students will engage in evening Prep sessions. For Years 7 and 8, this will be for one hour each night; for Years 9, 10 and 11, one and a half hours. Prep is completed under supervision, in classrooms, synthesising and extending students’ knowledge and understanding.

Our curriculum is supported by our well-resourced Library, open six days and five evenings a week. Mr King, our Librarian, offers a generous catalogue of academic and hedonistic books, to both motivate and challenge. Students are offered extensive Careers advice throughout their time at The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, additionally benefiting from the expertise of our former Dukies.