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The Duke of York's Royal Military School

A co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18

Health and Wellbeing

Mr Steff Dowle, Assistant Principal Behaviour, Welfare and Safety (Designated safeguarding Lead) would like to introduce the safeguarding and welfare support team and support available. 

Steff has been at the school for 12 years and previously the deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and is also the School RSM.

The safeguarding team consists of: Mr Alex Foreman, The Principal, Mr Steven Saunderson, Miss Fiona Dunn, Mrs Avril Saunderson, Mr Dave Wozencroft, Mr Ed Pallant, Mr Jolyon Marsh and Mrs Emma Dixon and supported by Miss Holly Mullins our safeguarding admin support. Working closely alongside this extensive and experienced team are the wellbeing support staff Mrs Jen Norman and Mrs Colette Thorns.

Together the team provide support to students and staff in all aspects of safeguarding and welfare. In addition, the School has developed a detailed relationship with many external support groups in order to further enhance the provision we are able to deliver to our students. Our strong bond and close links with children’s services and Kent County Council ensure a proficient and up-to-date level of knowledge for all our staff and not just our safeguarding and wellbeing team.

Through a structured programme of PSHEE and external presentations and workshops we provide our students with education and access to information to keep themselves safe online, in school, out of school and at home. We would like to extend this knowledge and support to parents through the below links that we feel will help with subjects such as online safety and mental health concerns.

 Mr Steff Dowle can be reached at

Mr Steff Dowle
Assistant Principal Behaviour, Welfare and Safety (Designated safeguarding Lead)

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