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The Duke of York's Royal Military School

A co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18

Our Charity


The Dukies’ Foundation

Registered Charity Number: 1128684

The purpose of The Dukies’ Foundation (TDF) is to provide items, services, facilities and opportunities for the School and its students. To promote the education of students and former students of the School who are in need of financial assistance, and to advance the education of student’s attending the School by the award of prizes, and such other charitable purposes as the Trustees shall from time to time see fit.

Donations to help the Dukies of today are always very welcome and can be made towards:

  • Student Support (Bursaries and Scholarships)
  • Sport
  • Leadership (Outdoor Adventure Training Activities)
  • Capital Projects
  • General Charitable Purposes

When you support TDF you are invited to join The Clocktower Society.

Misson Statement

The mission of The Dukies’ Foundation (TDF) is to work in partnership with the Duke of York’s Royal Military School to create an outstanding learning environment for today’s Dukies.


  • To provide additional funding for the School to enhance, widen and enrich the academic and extracurricular education
  • To provide bursaries for students whose family are facing financial hardship that threatens the student’s position in the School
  • To look at future, sustainable and continuing funding methods
  • To generate a culture of giving with support from The Dukies’ Association, the Old Boys’ Association, staff and Friends and Parents of the School
  • To engage with and create a feeling of trust and loyalty among The Clocktower Society membership and keep them informed on how the TDF is investing in the School

The Clocktower Society

The Clocktower Society recognises all donors to the School through a specially commissioned lapel badge as well as invitations to attend appropriate School events.

Ways of Giving

Single Gift

For all donations please fill out the attached form (giving form). If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete the Gift Aid declaration; this will increase the value of your donation by 25 pence for every £1 donated at no cost to yourself. If you would like to make a single donation, please complete the below form:

TDF Giving Form

Regular Giving

Regular donations are not only extremely important to the ongoing work of the School as they provide a predictable income, but they also enable you to support areas that matter most in an affordable way. You may also be surprised how big the impact of giving regularly can be over time. If you would like to set up regular donations, please complete the below form:

TDF Giving Form


Gifts left to the School in your Will are highly tax-effective and in the future are likely to provide substantial funds to support longer term objectives. As this would be exempt from inheritance tax, a donation made in your will can also reduce the tax burden on your estate.

How does it work?

A charitable legacy could be a gift of money or of any other assets. While there are a number of options to consider, there are two main types of charitable legacies:- pecuniary and residuary. Pecuniary legacies specify a sum of money or item of value to be donated, while a residuary legacy allows you to donate a percentage of the net value of your estate or the remaining sum after you have made provision for your family and friends.

What do you need to do?

To leave a legacy to The Duke of York’s Royal Military School you simply need to include details of the donation in your will. This can be done by writing a will, by making an amendment or ‘codicil’ to an existing will or by setting up a Trust. Contact Rachel Robinson ( to find out more about leaving a legacy.

Trust Members

  • David Richmond - Chairperson

  • Alex Foreman – Principal

  • Chris Crowcroft

  • Andrew Nunn

  • Margaret Williams

  • Col Andy Thorne

With kind support from:

  • Adam Kent – Bursar

  • Stephen Haslehurst – Vice Principal Business, Admissions & Marketing

  • Rachel Robinson – Clerk/Alumni & Development Officer

The Dukies’ Foundation (TDF) is the School’s tied charity (registered no. 1128684); it seeks to help the Dukies of today by aiding those in financial need and by enhancing the student experience for all. It accepts, distributes and accounts for all charitable giving to the Duke of York’s Royal Military School; its most recent accounts can be accessed at (*link). Trustees are individuals with a range of relevant experience and include two old Dukies.

Backed by historic assets including funds passed over from defunct regimental and other charities it has since 2011 made grants of over £800,000 and holds net funds approaching £400,000, as at mid-2019.

It increasingly benefits from donations by old Dukies who are recognised as members of the Clocktower Society which passed its first target 100 members in 2019. This dominant income stream is funded by regular subscribers and single donors and includes those who wish to remember the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in their wills (please note, the stated beneficiary should be The Dukies’ Foundation registered charity no. 1128684). Pledges of such legacies presently number 10. We appreciate and encourage this new development.

 Pupil financial need comes under a specific sub-fund, Student Support. Within this, old Dukie giving has or will help 18 students in Year 11 (old style 5th form) transition into Years 12/13 (6th form) where family financial circumstances do not permit. This is an ever-growing need at a critical point in students’ careers. Another sub-fund looks after the Dukie Memorial established at the National Arboretum. In terms of wider benefit, the Leadership sub-fund ensures that all students have access and applies equipment and other resources, material and human beyond any school’s normal capabilities enhancing programmes - like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, adventure training and overseas expeditions which include aiding local communities. The White Rose Academy focuses on the dual gender sport of hockey where it is dramatically improving student performance on, and as importantly in motivational terms, off the pitch.

 Taking this added value principle further, TDF has made numerous grants improving faculty equipment and resources beyond the basic most schools operate with. The new Nye Hall is second to none in East Kent, in itself and because of the audio/visual and other equipment regularly invested in it. Personal student access to online learning resources in and out of the classroom has been considerably increased. Out of school, students have visited inspirational locations like the CERN Laboratory in Geneva, home of the Hadron Collider. The growing photography culture in the School now practised by 1 in 4 students has been given top-of-the-range digital camera technology bringing academic and cross-faculty benefits.

 The Dukies’ Foundation wants to give the Dukies of today – and their teachers - that bit more to make a success of student time at the School and for their future lives. To learn more in general contact or in respect of old Dukie charitable giving

Chris Crowcroft, Chairman
(Haig/Clive DOYRMS 1963 - 70)