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The Duke of York's Royal Military School

A co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18


If you would like to discuss aspects of the School with the Registrar, before completing the enquiries form, please call 01304 245073 or email

Do you offer sibling discount?

No, we do not offer sibling discount.

Is The Duke of York's Royal Military School a military academy (a disciplinary school)?

The Duke of York's Royal Military School (DOYRMS) is not a disciplinary school.  It is a modern mainstream school with a rich military ethos and heritage. The word 'Military' in the School's title denotes the long-standing connection that the school has with the British Armed Forces, enabling the children of serving personnel to have a stable education during their parents' regular postings. 

Established in 1803, the school began at what is now the Saatchi gallery in London. Originally co-educational, the School became all boys in 1825 at which point full Regimental Colours were awarded to the School by King George IV.  The move to Dover happened in 1909. Originally educating children from forces families to join the military, the school changed in the 1960s, when it was brought in line with independent schools (sport, prep, Saturday morning schooling) and children from military families were encouraged to go to University. 

In 1994 the School welcomed girls back and in 2010 it became an academy, sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.  There is no longer any need to join the Military from the School and Dukies go into many diverse careers.

We offer a traditional syllabus for GCSEs and A Levels. We pride ourselves on being a non-selective egalitarian school, which offers a fully rounded education, developing character and resilience in our students. 

DOYRMS has its own RSM, who oversees the traditional ceremonial aspects of the school, and takes students for Drill and Parade. Part of his role focusses on encouraging Dukie leadership, and organising trips away such as Borneo and the Himalayas. The School also has a Director of Military Music, who is in charge of a 70 strong student military band.  

Who can apply to The Duke of York's Royal Military School?

DOYRMS is a state boarding school which means that education is provided for free by the state. Parents only pay for the boarding costs. We welcome applications from students who hold a British or Irish passport or have leave to remain in the UK.

Do you accommodate day students?

DOYRMS is a full and weekly boarding school only, and we cannot accommodate day students.

What is the difference between full and weekly boarding?

The majority of students fully board during term time and return home during the holidays. A few students are weekly boarders. They board all week, and are able to go home after Saturday morning lessons and any sporting commitments they may have on Saturday afternoons. We ask them to return to school before 8pm on Sunday evening or by 8am on Monday morning. There is no difference in fees between full or weekly boarding, giving all students flexibility as and when they need it.

Are there any weekends when students cannot go home?

Usually there are six weekends across the year when we ask all students to stay in School (two per term). This is when we follow our military traditions and host a parade weekend. For example, Beret Parade in October, which welcomes our new students, and Remembrance Parade in November, where many Old Dukies come back to the School.

Where do I buy the uniform?

Stevensons is the School's uniform provider. You purchase uniform online.  Some non-designated items (long sleeved white shirts, socks etc. can be bought elsewhere if preferred).   To help spread the cost for uniform, some sportswear can be purchased later, depending on when the sport will take place (Spring and Summer terms)