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The Duke of York's Royal Military School

A co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18


Dance is an empowering and powerful form of non-verbal communication and our students truly embrace it here at the School. Offered across all key stages, the subject combines physical exploration through learning a vast range of styles, expanding analysis and interpretation skills through performance review.

Students also master a range of interpersonal skills such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving which are easily transferable across all School commitments.




Introduction to Performance Skills, Dance around the world, Musical theatre dance, Responding to a stimulus, Contact workshops, Practitioner study.


BTEC Dance

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts


Component 2: Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts


Component 3: Responding to a Brief

A-Level Dance

Component 1: Performance and Choreography

Students develop and apply knowledge and understanding of techniques in performance and choreography.


Component 2: Critical Engagements

Students develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of practitioner works through analysis.


Opportunities within Dance are varied, students can take part in a range of internal performances such as the Grand Day Performance and the Dance Inter-House competition, as well as external performances such as Breaking Waves at Leas Cliff Hall. Our junior and senior Dance Troupe clubs during the week provide students the opportunities to challenge their dance abilities, develop technique, create a unit through teamwork and performances, and broadens students ways of working with each other.


Dance Department
Miss Amy Gerrard

Mrs Ashleigh Acres