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The Duke of York's Royal Military School

A co-educational boarding school for students aged 11-18


Once students enter the Sixth Form, the difference is instantly noticeable. It is evident in the change of uniform, an air of greater maturity, more responsible behaviour. But it is just as noticeable in the classrooms and on the sports field, in the music room and on Parade: these young adults are determined to succeed, and we give them every opportunity to do so.

Every Sixth Former holds at least one position of responsibility in the School whether as a mentor to the Junior and Senior Boarding Houses, as a Prefect or within our Ceremonial duty system.


To become a Senior Prefect or Prefect, students apply for positions in Year 12 and are interviewed by the Principal, Head of Sixth Form, RSM, and Housemaster and Housemistress of Centenary. Each year, the prestigious role of Chief School Prefect will be elected, supported by two Senior Prefects.  They in turn will be supported by approximately 20 prefects.

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Prefect Team
  • Ceremonial
  • C.C.F.
  • Sports Captains
  • Sport Leaders
  • Peer Listeners
  • Health Ambassadors
  • Adventurous Training
  • Volunteering Programme


Prefects have a high profile role with responsibilities throughout the school. They oversee the induction process for new Year 7s, arriving at school a day early at the start of term to help the newcomers settle in, acting as mentors and a first point of contact. Prefects also supervise proceedings in the Dining Hall and Chapel, offer Junior and Senior House Support and help at major school events.

Ceremonial Position of Junior Under Officer

Many Year 13s hold the ceremonial position of Junior Under Officer. Each of them is in charge of a small guard of approximately 20 pupils from the senior Houses. They are then responsible for ensuring they are well turned out, and their drill is sharp and precise. This is particularly important on Grand Day, when they are responsible for ensuring that the most high-profile ceremonial event of the year goes well.

For more details about our Ceremonial traditions please go to the Military Traditions page.

In particular, the prefect system is successful in demonstrating excellent role modelling and supporting younger boarders.

Ofsted January 2017